Dealing adequately with technical uncertainties

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Reliability & Safety Analysis

Overview of some common methods

Functional Safety

Safety includes reliability. The safety functions must be reliable. 


Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety


Standards related with Reliability and Safety

Give-Away No. 1:

A 35 page introduction into MTBF.
  • The bathtub curve
  • Implications with MTBF
  • MTBF calculation methods
I have created this document for a certain purpose in 2015.
It is not proofred.

Give-Away No. 2:
Common reliability analysis methods.doc

A 45 page introduction into reliability analysis methods
  •     Reliability metrics
  •     Distribution functions
  •     Reliability Prediction based upon standards
  •     FMEA
  •     Fault Tree
  •     Reliability Block Diagram
  •     Weibull Analysis
  •     Markov Analysis
I have created this document for a certain purpose in 2010.
It is not proofred. Some pictures removed for legal reasons.

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