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MTBF calculation according to established standards
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The only publicly available mechanical MTBF calculation standard is NSWC-11 (National Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division, 2011). Since this special standard addresses only dedicated military shipboard equipment, it has almost no importance for mechanical components in general.
For electronic equipment however, the analyst can chose between the following standards:
The list is ordered by recognition in Europe. Mil-HDBK-217 is the most popular standard in Europe, followed by Telcordia.
These two standards however are also globally the most common ones.

Each of these standards have unique advantages and disadvantages. The failure rates on component level across standards can be terribly different even for the same component type.
Sometimes the analyst has a real choice and can therefore identify the best suitable standard from an engineering viewpoint.
In most cases however the analyst must use the standard mandated by the customer, authoritiy, political interests and conventions of the particular industry.

The following statements generally apply:
Many more statements could be made depending on component types


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