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MTBF calculation with 217Plus
  MTBF-Calculation acc. to Standards
  Telcordia SR-332
  Siemens SN 29500
  FIDES 2009
  GJB/Z 299C

217Plus has been developed by former RAC, now RiAC, who owned the Mil-HDBK-217 standard in the past. 217Plus is the successor of PRISM and was released in 2006.
The name 217Plus was chosen for marketing purposes in order to replace Mil-HDBK-217, which was already quite dated at that time. Unfortunately this marketing strategy has failed; 217Plus is only rarely used.

Like FIDES, 217Plus has a unique methodology for assessing failure rates, which makes these two standards radically different from all other standards.
Also like FIDES, many engineers have troubles in accepting it's methodology as a valid approach.

In its methodology, FIDES is very similar to 217Plus, however a little more stringent.
For more information please refer to FIDES.

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