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MTBF calculation with IEC-TR-62380
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Developed by the french industry, the electronic reliability prediction standard IEC-TR-62380, and its predecessor RDF 2000 (also known as UTE-C-80810) have been issued in 2006.
IEC-TR-62380 and its predecessors are the only standards that can handle not only constant temperatures, but also temperature variations. This makes it the preferred standard for systems exoposed to frequent temperature changes. Furthermore, IEC-TR-62380 is the only standard taking into account the electrical environment of ICs and semiconductors (interface, not interface, etc).

Outside of Europe, IEC-TR-62380 isn't of any importance, and inside of Europe only in situations where french interests play a role, for example french customers, or international companies where France is a key contributor (EADS, Airbus).

The fact that the IEC-TR-62380 needs strong political support in order to be successful is well in line with its technical impression. IEC-TR-62380 looks like a patchwork where different approaches from different working groups have been lumped together. Furthermore, at least the english version of the IEC-TR-62380 raises more questions than it can answer. It has didactical shortages and structural flaws. The last sentence by the way applies also for the (also french) FIDES 2009 standard.

Updates of the IEC-TR-62380 are not planned.
It is forseeable that FIDES 2009, or a future update of FIDES, will replace IEC-TR-62380.

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