Dealing adequately with technical uncertainties

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Dealing adequately with technical uncertainties

Reliability analyses, safety analyses as well as statistical methods in general have one thing in common: Uncertainty.
While the range of available statistical methods is impressive, these methods naturally focus on numbers, with the underlying technical problem very often being secondary.
The method set for reliability and safety analyses is in fact much smaller, however, the data quality is almost always poor. Filling these methods with valid technical content is the main issue rather than treating the numbers. (-->Further reading)

Therefore, the main duties of any reliability and safety consultant are
- collecting applicable expert knowledge, often distributed over many experts,
- transforming this knowledge into valid reliability and safety information. 

The reliability consultant must perform these tasks carefully in order to make the results defendable against customer's and authority's concerns.
Therefore the reliability consultant must have profound general technical knowledge as well as an addiction to mathematics.

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